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My digital camera, used for most, if not all, pictures on this site: the Olympus C-100.

Palm m130
My Palm m130, trusty compagnion in those work hard, play hard days. It has a digital guppy on it, too.

Foldable keyboard
To improve my geekiness, I bought a foldable portble keyboard for my PDA...

S35i fobile moan
I can be phoned on my Siemens S35i, which has infrared to I can geek with my Palm and GSM at the same time.

Though I use a few differenc PC's (ie the windows PC at home or uni), my own computer is a second hand iMac, in original Bondi Blue.

Mac Plus
I couldn't not buy it for 5 euro: an old Macintosh Plus.

Phonic mm122 MultiMixer
All my sounds goes through my ickle MultiMixer

IGMC - the drizabone please
Not really a geektoy, but I like my Drizabone Coat. It's one of my most usefull souvenirs ever....

My Blundstone boots
...together with my Blunnies, the Blundstone Boots 500.