Don Michel

First of all some minor details that you may or may not wonder about, the NAQ (Never Asked Questions):

Why "Sanity"?
January the 1st, I changed my nick as a bit of a joke to "sanity". I rather liked it. See "IRC" for more details. A lemon tree has been named "sanity" because of me, this is explained in the "Usenet" section.

Sanity shall make ye -ing fret!?
It's a reference to "The Truth", the 25th Discworld novel by Terry Pratchett. It's about the newspaper business, and the Disc's first newspaper has the motto "The truth shall make ye free", with free sometimes misprinted as "fret". It also contains a character Tulip, who uses "-ing" every few words. I had Pratchett sign my copy of The Truth with the phrase at the Elf Fantasy Fair.

How is that surname of you pronounced??
This is actually a question that has come up a few times. For the people intrigued by my surname, you can hear it here. That's not my voice but an on-line TTS thing. My voice can be heard on the A-Files.

My real name is Michel, I'm living in Gouda (with my parents and brother) which is, apart from the cheese, a city in the Netherlands. Famous for the cheese and stroopwafelsa stroopwafel. Google on photos and Gouda to see how nice it is. I study Urban Geography, which is my main subject in the study Social/human Geography at the faculty of Faculty of Geographical Sciences, Utrecht University. In the first year I met Astrid, who became my sweet and adorable girlfriend in May 2001 and has a cat called Felix. And now I have a sort of mother-in-law. Before starting Uni I travelled XXXX[1] for 10 months, which was nice. I will go back there, eventually sometime. Whenever. Since XXXX I am wearing a hat occasionally, the crocodile was only a one-minute stand.

Apart from studying, I "work" (it's voluntary work) at the local radio station Gouwestad Radio. I am involved in two programmes: a satirical cabaret[2] show called Cabaret Sauvignon ( presenting and writing), and the youth magazine Why You (presenting, directing, producing). I am also involved in the website, and am a "technician"[3] as well. For a while, I was also involved in national radio. I was producing reports and interviews for the youth magazine BNN United as a kind of education/training. At the end of my time there, there was a contest with all 6 "radio students", where I ended up on a (shared) second place.
Despite of all the fun and pleasure from radio-making, I have no (serious) plans to make it my profesional career (yet). I want to finish my study, and then become a Geography Teacher.

My further intests include, apart from Doing Stuff With My Computer (see Geektoys), politics. I am a member of GroenLinks, a left-wing party concerned about social welfare, sustainability, the environment, immigrants etc. I am of course not entirely happy with our current PM, who looks like Harry Potter.

Especially for my stalkers, check my SanityCam which pretends it's live. It shows my room and proves that I only need to turn around my computer to irc from bed ;-).

Any questions, comments, or whatever (except spam - I am very happy with my breasts, genitals and amount of fat thankyou): you can contact me at

[1] Oz, Down Under, Australia, formerly knownas "Terra Incognis Australis". (back)

[2] This is dutch cabaret, ie comedy. No nakeddancing involved! (back)

[3] It sounds more technical than it actuallyis: I basically start the CD's / MD's / vinyl on cue of thepresenter, help the presenter by watching the time, puttingguests in the studio etc. All sorts ofassistance-behind-the-screens. And I get to fiddle with knobs,buttons and faders. Some photo's of me at work: Behind the panel, Wih the cabaret team (both 31/12/2001) (back)