Recent Discworld novels have spun on such concerns as the nature of belief, politics and even journalistic freedom. But put in one lousy dragon and they call you a fantasy writer.

Terry in the Guardian

Terry PratchettTerry Pratchett is the author of the well-known Discworld series of fantasy books. As everybody knows, Terry Pratchett has stolen all his ideas from Star Trek and Lord of the Rings [1]. You'd know that, I think, because you're on my site. The series consists of nearly 30 books by now. Apart from the Discworld series, Terry has written some other books. Together with Neil Gaiman he wrote the best book about the end of the world I have ever read, Good Omens. He has also written a few other books in the fantasy(-ish) genre, as well as a few books that do not, strictly speaking, belong to the Discworld Series but are set on the Discworld.

There are no inconsistencies in the Discworld books; ocassionally, however, there are alternate pasts.

-- (Terry Pratchett,

Discworld?, you might ask. It's a round, flat world on the back of 4 giant elephants which stand on a huge turtle floating through space. It is inhabited by all sorts of species that really belong in proper fantasy, such as golems, dwarves, elfs, witches, wizards, dragons, trolls, etc. Several "subseries" have developed, each with their own main characters (Death, the Ankh-Morpork City Watch, the Witches being the main ones). For the starting reader it might be usefull to check out Gid and Suzi's reading order pages, which contains the several subseries and advice in which books to read first. Do remember that the first few books were written about 20 years ago, and as Terry Pratchett himself has said, they were written by a "different author".

There's a lot of Pratchett fandom around the web. Try the links below for a basic start. If you like discussion with fans about the books or about, well, everything, see the Usenet section which is about the newsgroups alt.books.pratchett and

Some must-have Terry Pratchett links

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Clarecraft, producers of Discworld figurines

The Cunning Artificer Bernard Pearson and his fellow producers of Discworld products.

Stephen "Cutting-Me-Own-Throat" Briggs, seller of badges, scarves & other small merchandise, Mapmaker of the Discworld and the person who made most Discworld books into plays

[1] Sorry for exploding your irony/sarcasm detector there. For those taking it seriously: 't was a joke. Terry gets accused a lot of "stealing" his ideas, mainly from things that were written after what he wrote. Obviously he can look in the future and steal ideas beforehand. [back]

[2] And more [back]