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Meets attended

Utrecht Unofficial Mini Meet (8/4/2002)

Elf Fantasy Fair (21/4/02)

Veenendaal Cooking Meet (27/4/02)

Leiden Kat Meet (25/5/02)

Eindhoven Meet Annuska Meet (13/07/02) - I was only there from 2-4pm. Uwe was there *with* camera.

GoudaMeet 1.0 (14/09/02)

London Meets Sanity (21/09/02)

Leiden Videomeet Eindhoven, 25/01/03

Eindhoven Gamesmeet 2.0, Eindhoven, june 2003

GoudaRadioMeet (19-20/07/2003)

Coming up:

Note: I only put meets here where I'll be or have been at. The ones that I forgot to put here are explicitely not on this page. For more meeting stuff, check afpa and the appropriate LSpace pages for all the info you need.