James Inna Dress Mailing list

Will this be seen at CCDE03?

After several threats to wear a dress, it seems to be going to happen at the CCDE '03: James Inna Dress. For this purpose, there is an official website, and this unofficial mailinglist. How does it work? Very simple:

Send a mail to mailserver@affordable-hedgehogs.co.uk containing in the body:
subscribe jamesinnadress [ "name" <e-mail> ]
("'s required when giving a name. Name & e-mail are taken from the From: field, so aren't necessary)
You should get a confirmation mail and then be subscribed. To unsubscribe: s/subscribe/unsubscribe/.

What can you do with this mailing list? There shall be discussions and exchanges of humourous remarks, as well as the latest news regarding James Inna Dress and the other Silly Things that will be done to raise money (amongst other things?). Gossiping is allowed [1]. The victims themselves have subscribed too. Mail to the list subscribers should be directed at jamesinnadress@klijmij.xs4all.nl, mailing list commands regarding subscriptions etc to mailserver@affordable-hedgehogs.co.uk. If in trouble, contact me at sanity@affordable-hedgehogs.co.uk. This list is open, so everyone can post messages and everyone receives them.

Binary attachments cannot be sent through this list. Any photoshopping can be submitted to me for reviewing and distributing. For examples of what even I can do, see below

James inna Gallery

The original

A bit more kinky dressing
Latex James inna Dress

James heals the world...inna dress
Spiritual James inna Dress

Corinne has done some photoshopping too, but because it's simply *Evil* you'll have to click on the link only if you can handle, well, *evilness*: http://www.maskerade.org.uk/missjamesnose.gif

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[1] Interesting stories about ponies have already been /msg'd to me :-)