Looking for the IRC gallery? Please use (which points to but also contains a back-up link). The "L-Files" contains dossiers about the regulars in the LSpace IRC channels #afp, #icq and #drum.

I seem to hang out in #afp a lot, on the L-Space IRC server, trying to spread happiness and joy, and sometimes chocolate and cheese. And prawns, these days...

My first nick was the simple and yet effective 'michel'. On January 1st, I changed to 'sanity' just for fun. As I found 'michel' rather boring, I decided to stick to 'sanity', at least just for the contradiction. Which meant just entering #afp was enough to get topiced...For historical purposes, I have archived the log where I first was sanity. I have edited it to get all irrelevant conversations, hugs etc out of it. You can read the conversation here. From 19 february 2002, I used 'sanity' as my from on a.f.p. too

Another conversation that I rather enjoyed and that went on unusually long (ie more than about one minute) was about nipples. Not "just" nipples, but green nipples. How I got these green nipples can be read here.

Topics in #afp change frequently and are usually quotes ripped violently out of context. Some times when I was an innocent victim of this are logged in this file.

Affordable prawns. Need I say more? How and why it all started on #afp is in this log, and the website is here. More about the affordability hype and its background can be found at in the Affordable section.

Quite a few afpers are virtually related to eachother, something that even happened to me (well also by me, I admit). It all started with many years ago proposing. One night with some wine down, I proposed to ruthi, and she accepted after offering her a fake gold plated shiny glass ring on cardboard. After some motherly comments Melody became my AFPmother, automatically making Lisa my AFPsister as she was already the "daughter" of Melody. Then it appeared Lisa was AFPMum of Cat, making me her AFPUncle. Oh, and I form a small Mafpia on #afp with Don Ally Dente and Harsh, the accountant in the checkered suit.. And, thanks to a proposal of james to Melody, he is now my Evil Stepdad. And I have some afphianees for specific weeks, and, and...