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Sanity in action

These are the AFPages of Sanity, AKA Michel Klijmij. Thanks to AFP, I have once again started to maintain a personal homepage. For those who don't know: AFP (alt.fan.pratchett) is a newsgroup inhabited by fans of Terry Pratchett, author of the Discworld books. More about AFP can be found under Usenet.

For about me, go to the About me section. Although IANAG, I do have some geekish toys that I like to show off in the Geektoys section. Some afpers have even met me IRL, and report(ish) stuff including photos can be found under AFPMeets. Under this bit you can see what I'm listening to (or, my brother when he's hijacked the PC), and some recent changes to this site. And, lest you forget, there's still stuff about James Inna Dress.

Recent changes, additions and news

I'm currently working on improving the lay-out by replacing tables with CSS..